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Nakari Amane - AI:MER Poem: By Fans, To Fans

Undergraduate thesis and all assignments 
had made me gone crazy. Lalalalalalala~~
I bet, there are so 
many grammar errors everywhere Lalalalala~
Whatever, I just want to spin words 
with Aimer's songs title
Thanks for reading XDD
Big hugs for all Aimer's fans XDD
PS: Anyone, 
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"AI:MER" Poem
「AI:MER」 詩
Puisi "AI:MER"
English Poem
English Poem Song
I'm roaming all alone 
into deep forest of sleepless nights
black and black all I can see
so lonely night, for lonely heart
Where have you gone, my Polaris?
I'm seeking for you,
I'm waiting for you in a night without stars.
So much I believe in our bonds, but you leave
Please, I’m begging for your voice…
Let me hear your words…

If I hadn’t met you,
There wouldn’t be a snowy town in midsummer
There wouldn’t be an Iris in winter
Without knowing anything,
just let my sorrows fly into aurora

I wish you’re mine forever, my sweetest one
But now, you’ve gone into a broken night
From now on, just in my bitter & sweet memories
And I can’t smile like I used before

Oh Wings of July,
Please send out this melody of a tiny star
cross over the night of six magnitude stars
So, even after dark
my re:pray still resounded in re:far

PM02:00 Lost in vain, gone into daydream
PM03:00 But I could see you, my midday star
PM04:00 Ophelia, 
could you tell me where is my dearest one?
AM02:00 After rain breeze gently sways my heart
AM03:00 There’s no way I will found you again, 
my midnight sun
AM04:00 Dear last stardust, 
there you're, bravely shines, breaks the dawn

Someone, give me the sea 
to melt my frozen heart
Without you,
Even my wishes freeze into cold sun
Even my desires shatter along with 
Venus’s Stardust
Even heaven lost within this hollow world

Oh StarRingChild, open the doors for me
Let me found a ray of winter’s diamond 
in the midst of darkness
I’ll go with night train to your star,
so you’ll know that I’ve nothing to lose at all
Amane Nakari

Nemuri no Mori, 
Sleepless Nights
Noir! Noir!
Sabishikute Nemurenai Yoru wa, For Lonely

Hoshi no Kieta Yoru ni, Kimi wo Matsu
KIZUNA, Believe Be:leave

Anata ni Deawanakereba ~Kasetsu Touka~
Yuki no Furumachi

Kanashimi wa Aurora ni

Mine, my sweetest one
Kyou Kara Omoide, Bitter & Sweet

Shichigatsu no Tsubasa
Chiisana Hoshi no Melody
Rokutousei no Yoru
After Dark
re:pray, re:far



AM02:00, After Rain
Midnight Sun
AM04:00, Last STARDUST, 
Brave Shine, DAWN

Dareka, Umi wo

Cold Sun

Hoshikuzu Venus
Even heaven, Hollow World

StarRingChild, Open The Doors
Fuyu no Diamond

Yakou Ressha ~nothing to lose~

All lyrics in this blog are translated
by Nakari Amane (unless noted)
Taking without permission is prohibited
I've passed the highest level
of Japanese language
but I'm a native Indonesian.
So there will be so many
grammar errors in my translations.
Feel free to do grammar-nazi.
Any little support will become
a source of motivation for me
to keep updating this blog
and improving my translations.
Thank you (´・ω・)`

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